Thursday, December 27, 2007

More Snow Photos

I did go outside to take these pictures while we were in Flagstaff. The snow falling in my mother's garden was just too beautiful to pass up. It did give me a chance to play with the "snow" feature on my camera. A setting I don't get to use much living in a desert.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Snow Angels

This Blog has gotten off to a very slow start!
We finally got it up and semi-running in the fall. About the time work got hectic at our respective flower shops. Cynthia, I know you were very busy with your "fall" weddings. And I ended up changing shops in October. All of a sudden it is Christmas and it all gets a little nuts.
In the middle of the craziness, Dave and I made a quick trip up to Flagstaff with the grand kids. They had a wonderful time playing in the snow, The first thing they wanted to do was make Snow Angels. I took a lot of pictures. Most of them through the window or at the door. It was way to cold for Granny to go outside!
A note to Santa:
Cynthia would like a new camera in her stocking this Christmas.

Merry Christmas To All