Sunday, November 11, 2007

Post Worthy

I wasn't sure this layout was "Post Worthy". I had figured out how to stitch the two scanned parts of this layout. Then call my nephew Scott (the computer genius!) to talk me through how to re-size to the Basic Gray specifications. I had second thoughts about submitting it. Cynthia, your advice was to post. And so I finally I did...

Basic Gray's opinion was, NOT POST WORTHY! I tried twice, just to make sure. Nope they didn't want it. I guess that's the good thing about having a's all post worthy!

The photograph is of my Grandmother, Mabel Tait. The text reads: Mabel was a warm, loving and accepting person. She loved children, nieces and nephews, people, camping, picnics, animals and family. She seemed to be able to cope with whatever sorrows, agonies and aggravation life threw at her. And let her children know that all's right with the world. She reminded herself, in a hundred years what difference would it make?

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