Monday, January 7, 2008

Lighthouse Christmas

I had a request before Christmas from my buddy Bill. He asked if I would make a lighthouse themed card for a friend of his that collects lighthouses. It was a challenge. I went through my "idea" folder, checked out the Internet, and looked in back issues of Scrapbook magazines. I could not come up with a workable idea. Finally, in the middle of the night (isn't that the time most designers get their ideas?) a plan started to form. Dave and I had gone to St. Augustine a few years back, and had visited the famous lighthouse. I went through the pictures of the trip, and found a good one of the lighthouse. In Photo shop, I changed the color photo to black and white. and printed it out on transparency paper. Bill likes red and green for the holidays. so I used traditional color patterned paper and card stock, but toned them down. The lighthouse transparency was attached with brads, and I added a pine garland rubber stamp border on the top and bottom of the card to give it more of a Christmas look. Bill was pleased with the card, and so was the recipient


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